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Nationwide Security & Investigative Solutions

34+ Years of Security & Investigative Experience

American Protection Group (APG) has over 34 + years of experience in all levels of commercial, industrial and home security & investigative knowledge. APG Professionals can take care of any need you may have in any size facility. Our security & investigative techniques for commercial, industrial & home facilities are a sure way to keep your family and employees happy and comfortable. Bringing that Peace Of Mind all the time is priceless!

Premier Security Solutions

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Protection With The Latest Technology Software

APG uses the latest technology management software, with LIVE GPS, Electronic Daily Activity Reports (EDAR's) and Electronic Serious Incident Reports (ESIR's) giving our clients the highest degree of accuracy in our services.

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Industries We Work With

American Protection Group (APG) takes care of all customers needs and requirements, so you can devote your time and energy to other areas of responsibility or just to go enjoy your time with those you care about and love.

Real Estate

Construction sites, HOA, Rentals, Universities, Patrols, Apartments Complex and more...

State & Government

Airports, Government Buildings, Correctional, Ports, Trains, Embassy and more...


Hotels, Restaurants, Events, Conventions, Trade Shows, Banquet Halls, Banks, Hospitals and more...

Effective, Reliable & Affordable Security

APG provides a security solutions that meets your needs and fit your budget, call now to speak with one of our expert security reps, or request a quick & free online quote.

Why Choose Our Security Services?

Benefits Of APG's Security Services

Preventative Deterrent for Workplace Crime
  • Mitigate risk and reduce liability by employing armed or unarmed security guards trained in early identification and prevention of incidents. Our security guard team can quickly take action in the event suspicious activity is identified, taking necessary action and steps to decrease the chance of escalation and stopping would-be criminals in their tracks.
Sense of Safety and Assurance
  • Your employees, contractors and other personnel deserve a safe and secure place to work, as do your patrons, clients and customers. In today’s socially charged environment, workplace violence and attacks are becoming an unfortunately commonplace occurrence.
Enhanced Customer Service
  • On-site security guards are highly familiar with the layout of your business or store, and aware of where each department and contact is at any given time. They are available if customers have questions about directions or where to find certain items.
Provide Unparalleled Peace of Mind
  • Allow you and your family to rest easy, knowing your residence and property is being carefully watched after 24/7 rain or shine. This is especially important for those homes with: Elderly (falls, accidents or medical emergencies) Children at home Extended periods of time away from home (work, travel, etc.) Have pets alone at home Have valuables or irreplaceable heirlooms And more…
Maintain Order
  • Security guards play a critical role in confining, deescalating and controlling conduct violations in the workplace, acting as a disciplinary officer to maintain order. They serve as a second set of eyes, ensuring workplace policies, regulations and rules are being followed.
Reduced Liability and Damage Control
  • Security guards can reduce liability in the workplace. In the event of an incident, the presence of a security guard is a clear indication that you as a business took necessary and preventative measures to ensure the safety of everyone on-premises. Further, security guards can mediate and reduce the exposure and damage to assets and persons in the event an incident does occur, swiftly jumping into action.
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