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Who We Are

American Protection Group (APG) has been professionally serving several markets of: Sacramento, CA Los Angeles, CA San Diego, CA Las Vegas, NV Phoenix, AZ & Miami, FL areas with our latest branch office expansion to the greater Dallas, TX and Albuquerque, NM areas with the level of quality in service our clients have come to rely on and the customer care given to all of our clientele! American Protection Group (APG) corporate headquarters What is different and exciting about our company is our “commitment to excellence” in quality and service which is a forgotten skill in our security & investigative industry.

Who We Are

A minority-owned corporation with over 34 years of Security & Investigative experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our clients the best technology & highest quality of service.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which our customers and assets are protected.


Quality Control

01   Real-Time Reports

Daily activity, incident, and summary reports. GPS locations and guard tour progress in real-time.

02.   Dispatch & GPS Tracking

Dispatch tasks to specific officers or properties and track officer GPS locations in real-time.

03.   Guard Tours & Checkpoints

Scan QR codes, barcodes, or NFC tags to receive location-specific instructions.

04.   Vehicle Patrols

Record officers to log activity and file incident, maintenance, or parking reports while on the go.

Online Management & Monitoring System

APG company management is online monitoring all activities live 24 hours a day to assure that all duties are done in a satisfactory capacity and all incidents are also sent out to all required parties.


American Protection Group (APG) works hard to be transparent with our clients by having our employees perform on day-to-day basis an Electronic Daily Activity Reports (EDAR’s) and Electronic Serious Incident Reports (ESIR’s), using the latest technology software, GPS tracking and reporting system while they are performing their security patrols. Providing our company and our clients with both LIVE GPS information of the security officer’s location and live activities of the security duties being performed by our security staff. APG software by SilverTrac is accessible 24 hours a day from any mobile device or computer through our clients portal to view live everything on their properties.

What is our commitment to excellence?

American Protection Group (APG) commitment is to make your home and/or business secured with professional experts who take the necessary steps to insure the job is done right the first time, that you can be proud of and have that PEACE OF MIND you seek when you hire a company like ours. We use the latest technology/equipment and security techniques to assure you’re only getting the best at a very competitive price. Our company provides a variety of security & investigative services, but the main difference between APG Professionals and other security & investigative companies is our ability to actually provide Quality and Service to the customer.

34+ Years of Experience

American Protection Group (APG) has over 34 years of experience in all levels of commercial, industrial and home security & investigative knowledge. APG Professionals can take care of any need you may have in any size facility. Our security & investigative techniques for commercial, industrial & home facilities are a sure way to keep your family and employees happy and comfortable. Bringing that PEACE OF MIND all of the time is priceless!


American Protection Group (APG) takes care of all customers needs and requirements, so you can devote your time and energy to other areas of responsibility or just to go enjoy your time with those you care about and love.

APG Involvement With Our Communities, Important Charities & Organizations

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