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Construction Site Security

In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, every dollar invested in a project needs to yield significant returns. However, construction is an industry wrought with perils that can dramatically impact the bottom line, both directly (such as material thefts and vandalism) or indirectly (such as injured or non-performing construction workers).


In fact, construction site theft alone costs companies over $1 billion annually. That’s $1 BILLION with a capital “B”. When it comes to large-scale projects, it’s often too easy for potential criminals to slip through the cracks. Not to mention sunk costs in lost productivity, on-site accidents, potential lawsuits, vandalism and more.


Having a 24-hour security team or CCTV cameras guarding and monitoring your property is the only way to avoid theft and vandals breaking and entering. Our industry-leading and highly rated security firm has helped countless construction companies protect their assets and ensure their projects go off without a hitch.


Reach out to us today and find out why so many construction companies turn to us to keep their job sites safe, monitored and protected from risks both hidden and foreseeable.

The Real Cost of Construction

Construction projects have to budget for materials by accounting for defects, mistakes, and losses. The true scale of lost and stolen materials or equipment is difficult to calculate. A lot of theft goes unnoticed until audits are performed.


That billion dollars in annual losses isn’t just due to small-time criminals, these are movements of black market operations. As little as ten percent of all stolen construction equipment and materials are recovered by law enforcement. This is due to a number of lapses in security, including live construction site security to catch the criminals in the act.


Materials such as steel, tools, copper piping, wiring and lumber are in high demand, making many construction sites a lucrative target for would-be criminals.

Theft Isn’t the Only Culprit of Hidden Costs

But theft isn’t the only issue construction site security can thwart. Construction sites are also a prime target for: Vandalism, employee distraction; and accidents. Effective construction site security measures, often including CCTV footage can have a serious impact on your bottom line, making sure workers know they are being watched ensures they will stay productive as well as uncover or identify potential health and safety issues that could lead to downtime, injury or death.

Tools of the Trade

Construction site security teams employ a number of tools and strategies to protect the perimeter and interior of a site. Mobile surveillance provides a live headcount of traffic in and out of the site. Armed guards send the message to any criminals planning on strong-arming their way inside.


Security checkpoints maintain tightly-guarded access to expensive tools and materials. CCTV footage provides 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, and when coupled with motion-sensing technology can serve as a first alert system in the event of intruders or other non-authorized personnel. After daily security audits, you will know when and who is responsible for any security breaches.

Benefits of Construction Site Security

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Loss Prevention

Surveillance cameras are integral to have as a deterrent and for evidence, but not enough to prevent a construction site from being targeted. When equipment goes missing, the loss is more than monetary. Time is lost from having to wait for its replacement.
Time is money and delays are a foreman’s biggest enemy. On top of that, insurance premiums climb with every claim filed when property goes missing. Securing the job site requires a team of trained eyes and trained personnel with experience in loss prevention and/or law enforcement.

Increasing Profitability

The investment in an experienced construction site security team or CCTV system can improve morale and reduces liability associated with the construction site. Zero losses throughout the life of a project is more than a budgetary victory. Monitoring of workers can also lead to large increases in productivity and to identify workers or areas where production is slowed due to human or mechanical error.

Intruder Detection

Surveillance cameras can be equipped with technology to identify intruders instantly (such as motion sensors), notifying the authorities and/or property managers at the first hint of trouble.

Improved On-Site Safety

Construction is a physically demanding and sometimes dangerous profession. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics over 150,000 construction-related accidents happen each and every year. Security cameras and monitoring provide project managers with a better way to monitor and ensure everyone is following proper safety guidelines and standards, as well as to identify areas for improvement.

Liability Protection

No matter how careful a business is, accidents on site can occur. Security cameras provide an added layer of supervision, detection and prevention that is a favorable thing to have in place in the event of a worker’s comp case or other lawsuit. CCTV and security setups demonstrate that your company took extra precautions and care.

Agile and Portable

Construction sites change on a project by project basis, often requiring teams to set up shop across the city or even out of state. Security cameras can be set up as mobile units to move with your team no matter where they are stationed, making them as portable as the tools in your tool chest.

Improve Construction Site Security

In the event that your construction site is targeted for theft or vandalism, you need trained professionals that know how to respond swiftly and effectively, neutralizing the threat and establishing preventative measures to ensure no further risk, loss or damages occur.


Most construction site security services employ guards with decades of experience in the criminal justice sector. This means training in deterring, detaining, and disabling would-be criminals until law enforcement arrives.


Following the letter of the law is important for security personnel. Hire licensed security agencies to protect you, your business, and all employees while working on site.

When you need to protect what matters most, call the best. Our team is on standby ready and waiting to learn more about your particular situation and how we can help. Our security specialists will assess your situation and address your concerns with high-value solutions that get the job done right.

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