Corporate Security


Corporate Security

The corporate business world is a fast-paced environment with many moving parts and delicate operations requiring a constant balance. In order to assure your corporation runs smoothly and successfully, as a corporate executive it is part of your job to protect the security of your company’s employees, business assets, facilities, trade secrets, revenue, and operations. For such an important task, it’s imperative to have a highly trained and professional security team on your side.


From selecting the ideal alarm and building monitoring systems, to pairing your company with a team of highly trained security guards and personnel, we have a proven track record of protecting large corporations like your company from internal and external threats alike.
Our guards and security staff always maintain a professional demeanor in order to perfectly suit the needs of the corporate world. With such a highly trained team ensuring your business’s security, you will be able to relax and focus your energies where they are needed most, on your company’s success and growth.


Reach out today and let us know how we can help. Our security experts will be able to advise you of cost-effective solutions that get the job done right and keep your valued assets safe and protected under our watchful eyes.

Why Professional Corporate Security is Essential in the Modern Business World

Knowing your business is protected gives you the opportunity to focus your attention on the overall health of your corporation. When it comes to full, comprehensive corporate security, there are several factors you need to take into account. Our highly trained team of professionals will work with you to assure all aspects of your business are protected.

Security Services Tailored to the Needs of the Corporate World

  • Access Control and Security: Monitor and control who is allowed access to all areas of your corporate headquarters and offices.
  • Surveillance: Maintain a sense of security at all times with top-of-the-line surveillance systems.
  • Concierge Services: Assure guests feel welcomed and safe when visiting your corporate offices with professional concierge services.
  • Building Guards: Supplement the security provided by your monitoring and surveillance system with the protection of highly trained guards in order to tackle security threats the instant they arise..
  • 24-Hour Monitoring: Our security experts are fully trained to monitor your CCTV footage 24-7 in order to catch any suspicious activities.
  • Lobby Security: Our experienced security personnel maintain a professional demeanor at all times, making them the perfect fit for areas which need to appear welcoming and safe simultaneously.
  • Gate Security: A gate security system or guard station can be a great way to manage the security of larger compounds.
  • Personal Drivers: Assure your valuable associates have a safe means of transportation with one of our highly trained personal drivers.
  • Personal Bodyguards: Your high-level executives often require an extra level of security, especially while traveling. We offer full comprehensive bodyguard services to keep you and your partners safe anytime and anywhere.
  • Loss and Theft Prevention: Protect your assets and secrets from internal and external theft and loss.
  • Alarm Systems and Coded Entry Access Pads: Control access and protect valuable areas with a comprehensive and highly advanced alarm and coded entry access pad system.

Why Our Security Services and Highly Trained Guards are the Perfect Choice for Your Corporation

When selecting a company to handle your corporate security needs, several aspects need to be taken into account. Our team of professionals have decades of combined experience working with the corporate world to assure you are offered the highest level of protection available. When selecting us to handle all your corporate security needs, you can rest comfortably knowing our team will always maintain the highest standards of service to meet all of your expectations. We promise our security staff is always:

corporate apg security service

Highly Trained

We only employ the best and put all our guards through a rigorous training program in order to assure they are prepared to tackle any situation that may arise. Our guards are also equipped with first aid, CPR, and AED certifications.


Our skilled guards are always highly aware of everything that is going on around them in order to act swiftly and professionally.


We know appearance and demeanor are important in the corporate world. When working on your premises, our guards understand that they are acting as ambassadors of your company. They will always maintain a professional appearance and courteous demeanor.

Detail Oriented

Our guards are trained to keep an eye out for even the slightest hint of a security threat. This attention to detail allows them to catch potential threats before they become a problem and de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.

Hiring Us Today!

If you’re ready to ramp up your corporate security with a top-notch team of professional, licensed security personnel, give us a call today!

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