Event Security Services


Event Security Services

We offer a full range of services to help with every aspect of the security of your event. From details small to large, you can rest assured that our team is equipped with the highest level of training and experience. Our guards are masters of addressing potential threats before they have a chance to escalate. In addition to our highly trained team, we can also help with other important aspects of security like monitoring and surveillance. Here are just a few of the crucial security aspects of your event that we can handle for you.

  • Event Ushers
  • Doormen
  • VIP Bodyguards
  • Gate Security
  • Surveillance
  • Crowd Management
  • Valet Services
  • Transportation and Drivers
  • Event Staff
  • Post-event Clean-up

Why Event Security

Whether you’re hosting a small intimate gathering or a multi-site business convention, the details make all the difference when it comes to a successful event. Event planning is a big job and assuring you have the best team working on every aspect from sound to catering can make or break the success of your event.

Regardless of scale, it is important to enlist the help of professionals to handle the more delicate and crucial necessities such as event security. We live in an age when both large and small gatherings pose a security concern.

By trusting our licensed professional security team to manage this important aspect of your event, you’ll be free to focus on your guests and the overall success of the event.

With combined decades of expertise in the field of event security, we are well equipped to handle all events regardless of size or function. Reach out to us today and find out why so many individuals and businesses entrust us to handle on-site security for their big (or small) event.

Security for Smaller Functions

In addition to helping with your large scale event needs, our team is also always on call to lend an added bit of security to your smaller, more intimate functions. Our security staff always maintains a professional and courteous demeanor in order to not distract from your function. Some of the events we handle include:

  • Weddings and wedding receptions
  • VIP parties
  • Office parties
  • Charity functions
  • Cocktail mixers
  • Party buses
  • Card tournaments
  • Yacht and boat parties
  • School reunions
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Mansion parties
  • Pub and bar crawls

Large Scale Events Which May Benefit From Additional Security

Large scale events often require multiple levels of security to assure they go off without a hitch. From ushers and personal drivers to ticketing and crowd management, we can manage all the security needs for your next big bash. These are just a few of the important larger functions our highly trained team are ready to manage.

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Concerts and Performing Art Events

Concerts and performing art events often see big crowds with heightened emotions. While most concert-goers are just after a good time, the combination of excitement, adrenaline, and alcohol can sometimes lead to the need for an extra alert security team trained to catch the warning signs of potential threats before catastrophe ensues.
In addition to the possibility of fights or altercations, large outdoor concerts can also be physically taxing on attendees, with an increased risk of dehydration, sunstroke, and substance abuse. This is why our security staff are also fully trained in first aid and CPR.
Having a well-equipped security team on site is usually the perfect recipe for a concert event that is happy and fun for artists and attendees alike.

Trade-shows and Expos

With multiple vendors, speakers, events, and showcases, you already have a lot on your plate when planning a trade-show or expo. Luckily, with our highly trained security team by your side, security for your event will be one thing you don’t need to worry about.
Not only are our guards trained to handle crowd control, entrance security, and ushering, we are also fully trained in theft and loss prevention. Trade shows often feature valuable inventories and assets that require this added level of security.
In addition to guards and event staff, we can also help you set up CCTV monitoring or surveillance for an added level of protection.

Business and Industry Conventions

Business and industry conventions usually take place over multiple days in multiple venues. With seminars, showcases, interactive workshops, and even cocktail party mixers. Therefore, multiple levels of security are often required to help things run smoothly.
We offer a full range of convention security services including ushering services, private drivers, VIP bodyguards, and general event staff.

Festival Security

Large festivals often take place outdoors under less than ideal weather conditions. Whether you’re hosting a food and wine festival or an art festival, keeping security in check can make or break your event. Our fully licensed security team are well versed in all the unique festival security needs, including crowd control and first aid.

Sporting Events

It’s no secret that emotions run high when it comes to sports. Especially when hosting an event between rival sports teams. From protecting the players themselves to keeping the fans behaved, sporting events often require extra scrupulous security measures.
Our security team is expertly trained in de-escalation and crowd control to help manage even the most passionate sports fans. In addition to helping control the crowd and protecting the players, our guards also have full first aid and CPR training for any potential injuries that may arise.
With a well-equipped security team standing by, you can assure all attendees are able to fully enjoy the game in a safe environment.

Hire Us Today!

By trusting your event’s security to our security team, you’ll be free to focus your attention on the needs of your guests, performers, and presenters. Thus assuring your event is an all-around success!

Call us today to set up a consultation. We can go over your event plan with you in order to assess your security needs and formulate a plan for your event security needs. Our team comes highly recommended and is sure to add to the success of your next big event.

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