Executive Protection


Executive Protection

Regardless of what you do for a living or how you live your life each day, even the most mundane situations can be filled with unnecessary and unforeseen risks and threats. Situations that threaten your personal safety happen each and every day.

Our executive protection program protects everyone from VIPs, celebrities, government officials, executives, and more. Our team of skilled security officers are available nationwide and are capable and trained to handle virtually any situation you may find yourself in.


Since most all of our team members are former law enforcement officers or members of the military, they know what it takes and have been specially trained to provide you with top-notch security services that will keep you feeling safe and secure no matter where you are. Their law enforcement and military backgrounds give them the experience and know-how to tackle any tough situation that they are assigned to handle.


Call us today to find out why so many high-profile and high-risk individuals trust us to protect them, their families and their businesses.

How Our Services Benefit You

Customized Services to Fit Your Every Need

Our specially trained team of security experts knows the tricks, traps, and distinctions of working in a high-risk environment. They are especially adept at mitigating risk and helping their clients protect their families, property, and finances. As such, we offer:


Executive Protection: Our guards provide 24/7 protective services and immediately inform clients of any and all potential security threats. Our company and guards are licensed and have the specific training and certifications to give our clients the highest level of protection for high-risk situations. In fact, most of our security guards have had several years of similar experience in risky situations.

Protection, Safety, Security: Every single one of our guards are experts in planning and logistics, emergency response, crisis management, and threat assessment. Sadly, research shows that most threats and instances involving high-profile individuals happen while the person is traveling. Our team is there to provide steadfast service to all individuals whether they are out and about or staying at home.

We fit your personal safety and protection needs because of our:

  • Ability to know the risks and needs of our clients
  • Thorough training and certification as well as real-world experience with managing violent threats, attack avoidance and recognition, protection techniques, firearm skills, light combat and concealed weapon skills, and ability to tackle multiple aggressors
  • Fast response to labor disputes, natural disasters, or special events
  • Crisis plan interventions for extortions, kidnappings, or missing persons

When you decide to place your life in the hands of a trained security professional, you are exhibiting a great deal of trust and confidence. Our company has worked with a great number of clients over the course of many years, and we want to develop the same relationship with you. Our guards don’t follow the same old services that other companies do. Instead, they work outside of the box to provide customized services to fit all of our clients’ unique needs.


Surveillance: We discreetly monitor your safety and security. Our low-profile technique will allow you to keep your privacy while keeping our services out of sight and out of mind.

Security Drivers: Along with personal protective services, we also provide security drivers to ensure you are safely and securely transported to your destination.

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Dependable Executive Protection

It’s all too easy to go with the first protection service that you encounter. While this may seem like a quick fix to your problem, it will not be the best solution in the end. Our security company ensures that every staff member has the proper skills, training, knowledge, and understanding to tackle potential risks associated with high-profile executive protection. Our number one goal is always your safety, security, and peace of mind.


No matter if you are a high-profile executive, a movie star, a local celebrity, or the owner of a well-known Fortune 500 company, our security services will always fit all of your unique needs. We identify potential security threats and shut them down before you ever will be in any danger. We are here for you every day around the clock.

No longer will you have to live in fear for your or your family’s safety. Our security services will allow you to live your life to its fullest. We spend an unlimited amount of time to customize a security strategy that works best with all of your needs and concerns.


Our team of security experts are all trained and certified. Likewise, our company is licensed and insured. We offer affordable rates so that you can use our services without financial worry. Don’t leave your security to just any run-of-the-mill security company. All of our security professionals have the training, knowledge, and experience to protect you in any type of situation regardless of the nature of the threat.


Call us today to talk about putting a customized executive protection plan in place to address all of your concerns.

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