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Fire Watch Services

Business owners and property managers know the importance of an emergency response system. Fire alarms are the first line of defense from a devastating fire. If your property lacks the proper fire alarm equipment, local ordinances may require a fire watch guard on-premises.
Fire watch services are often comprised of off-duty or retired firefighters. Their experience with fighting fires is invaluable for detecting the early warning signs of a fire emergency.

Our Expert Fire Watch Services Include

Duties of a Fire Watch Guard

Fire watch guards are tasked as a first responder in the event of an emergency. These guards are utilized as a provisional arrangement in which the guard is tasked with patrol to physically check and inspect the premises for any current or potential fire hazards (of actual fires).
In places where welding, high temperatures, furnaces or combustible materials are core to operations, a fire watch guard will be on the watch for sparks, welding hot spots, hazardous spills, overheating of machinery and more. This is especially necessary if water supplies are interrupted or temporarily inaccessible.
Fire watches are normally utilized during times or under circumstances where there may be an increased risk or probability of fire, as well as during those times when a sprinkler or fire alarm system may not be performing properly.
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Duties of a Fire Watch Guard

The specific duties of a fire guard will generally vary between locations, situation and jobs. However, there are a few basic duties that are similar with each contract.

  • Perimeter patrols around the clock at specific intervals to cover all potential vulnerabilities.
  • Alerting contractors of any potential hazards or places of increased liability.
  • Logging and sharing patrol data to assess fire hazards. These logs are forwarded to insurance providers and local code enforcement.
  • Testing fire extinguishers, alarms, and other monitoring systems. Fire watch guards will advise on positioning and fire emergency response plans.
  • Provide first response in the event of a fire. Fire watch guards will call the fire department and relay specific information regarding the scope of the fire.

Most fire guards will also carry a portable horn for quick alerts, a flashlight for proper visual orientation and assessment in less lit areas and a set of access keys to all areas being watched
In some cases, a fire watch service may also provide a visual deterrent for potential vandals is another noteworthy advantage to having an on-duty fire watch guard.

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When Are Fire Watches Conducted?

Our security services provide round the clock 24/7 fire watch guards that will conduct sweeps and patrols at designated intervals based on your needs and situation. The guard will log each patrol and findings in order to keep an accurate record on file in case of future disputes or compliance obligations or necessary proof.
Our custom fire watch service packages are customized to meet and exceed your expectations. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide cost-effective solutions that keep their assets safe.

Why Hiring a Hot Work Guard is Critical

A hot work watch needs to be a serious consideration for any business needing to keep employees, assets, equipment and vulnerable property safe from fire hazards. Hot work guards are generally used in areas where “hot work” such as welding, soldering, or combustible materials are being utilized. Hot watch guards serve as an added layer of protection and safety to keep both human and physical assets out of harm’s way. They may be employed during a power outage or during periods of sprinkler or alarm system malfunction or repair.

Securing Your Investment

Preventative services are often difficult to evaluate and cannot be quantified for ROI. If your building has a functioning fire alarm system, but houses multiple fire hazards, fire watch services are necessary to protect your investment. In the presence of flammable chemicals, you need a second set of eyes and properly trained staff to influence safe practices.
You often won’t know that you need fire watch services until the worst-case scenario happens. Don’t wait until it happens, surround yourself with experienced, responsive, and reliable security personnel. Call the fire fighters before someone else has to call the firefighters for you.

Hiring Fire Watch Services

Whether it is a permanent solution or a stand-in during a construction project, fire watch guards provide you with the peace of mind to focus on the tasks at hand. Fire watch guards will also act as a second layer of protection from other outside factors. Would-be criminals or negligent neighbors pose as outside threats to the success of your business.
Don’t leave anything up to chance, hire fire watch services to protect your property. Call today to speak with a fire watch specialist about how they can help you. Our team will quickly assess your situation and work fast to get your site up to code in order to avoid fines whilst also protecting your assets from the risk of combustion.

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