Hotel Security


Hotel Security

As a hotel owner or manager, you are faced with unique security needs. Our highly trained team of security experts have decades of combined experience tackling the common challenges faced by this vibrant and important industry.


We provide the utmost level of protection and security in order to keep your guests, employees, and assets safe no matter what challenges they may encounter.

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Protecting Your Guests

From the solo traveler to the family vacation, your guests are trusting you with their valuables and livelihoods. Your hotel becomes a temporary second home to them and should feel as safe and secure as their own.

Protecting Your Team

A hotel is a 24/7 business requiring a team of professionals around the clock. In order for your employees to provide top tier service to your guests, they need to feel safe no matter the hour.

Protecting Your Assets

From the guest’s personal belongings and high-end furnishings to daily cash flow, your hotel is rich in assets needing extra scrupulous protection. Whether your concern is external theft, property damage or internal revenue loss prevention, we have expert security personnel who are prepared to deal with any needs which may arise.

Hire Experts

With our experienced security staff on the job, your guests will be able to relax and focus their attention on the reason behind their trip, be it business or pleasure.

A highly trained security team can help your employees feel at ease, allowing them to focus on providing the best customer service. Our guards are experts and de-escalating potentially dangerous situations and preventing problems before they arise.

Security Services Offered

We offer a full range of security and loss prevention services to keep your hotel running smoothly no matter what. We always maintain a professional demeanor to make your guests feel welcome and safe. In addition to traditional security guard services we all offer a full range of other hotel security essentials such as:

  • Traffic Control
  • Crowd Management
  • Private Transportation
  • Gate Attendants
  • Club Security
  • Ushers

Call or message us today to find out how we can help keep you, your guests and assets safe and protected. Our firm has combined decades of experience and a demonstrated track record of satisfied clients who trust us year in and year out to get the job done right.

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