Residential Security


Residential Security

From 24/7 security guards (armed or unarmed) to alarm setups, installation and monitoring our residential security services cover every aspect of security you may need. Our diverse team of security professionals, consultants and field agents are steadfastly devoted to helping keep you, your family, assets and business safe.

Your home is your castle and place of refuge. Let us help protect it.

The #1 Service for Condo Security

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With crime statistics on the rise in the US, the security of your condo has never been more important. Residential crime is a very real issue for many Americans, with many concerned about personal safety and protecting their assets.

That’s why they turn to us – the #1 service for condo security in the USA. Our team can accurately assess the security concerns of your residence, pinpointing weak points and areas where steps can be taken to enhance the security of your condo. From alarm systems and monitoring, to advice on structure, situational awareness, lighting and more, we’ve got you covered.

Your Residential Security Is Our Priority

The idea of an intruder in your home can be unnerving and frightening, especially if you have children at home. And if you’re not home, it can be alarming to receive a security alert on your cellphone or receive an unexpected call from a concerned neighbor. That’s why we’re here. Our dedicated team of security experts will put processes and systems in place to ensure that your home and family are protected 24 hours a day. Whenever you need us, we’re here for you.

A Residential Security Team you can Rely On

We’ve built our reputation by providing a great value service that our clients can depend on. No more worrying about your condo security when you should be relaxing on holiday – we take away the stress so you can focus on enjoying life to the full.

Our #1 goal is your safety and security. We offer a range of quality services including:

  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Scheduled monitoring
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Grounds patrolling
  • Access control
  • Safety
  • Vandalism prevention
  • Security consulting

We’ll help you to find the right combination of services to suit your needs. You can relax knowing that we’ve got you covered.

Don’t Wait For Disaster to Strike

Discovering that an intruder has entered your home can be devastating. If you leave the security of your condo to chance, you aren’t just risking the loss of your belongings. An intruder in your home can be a traumatic experience, compromising the safety of your family and causing lasting emotional and physical damage to you and your loved ones.

With rising crime rates across the US, it is important to be vigilant. Wise condo owners are turning to private security firms such as ours, for peace of mind.

Our experienced team don’t only work to respond to security breaches quickly and effectively. We can offer solutions to deter crime in the first instance. Don’t wait for a disaster to occur. Act now to avoid compromising the security of your condo.

A Customizable Service Tailored to your Exact Needs

When it comes to condo security, we know that everyone’s requirements are different. Our dedicated representatives have a proven track record of getting the job done right. We provide our clients with unfaltering protection, 24 hours a day, all year round.

Our caring team will help you to achieve your security goals. We can support you with a bespoke solution. We offer everything from easy-to-operate alarm systems to more complex surveillance and access control services. Whatever your needs, we can offer a solution that will exceed your expectations.

Why You Need to Rethink your Residential and Condo Security

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Act now

Criminals are growing increasingly intelligent in their use of technology to breach homeowner security. It has never been more critical to protect what’s important to you. You need a security firm who stays one step ahead. With our many years of experience and advanced technology, we can offer benefits that other security firms are unable to deliver.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our experienced security team members all offer an exceptional service which has helped us to grow a long-term client base. Our customers across the region continue to renew their contracts with us because they know that we provide the best possible service.

The latest technology and high-quality training

Our security specialists are all trained to an exceptional standard, providing you with the best possible security for your home. Our reputation for excellence brings new customers to us daily. We train our security guards throughout the year, to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest technology and trends.

Why Risk The Things That You Care About Most?

We work in a discreet and sensitive manner to protect the things you care about most without impacting on your day-to-day life. You can focus on making the most of life, secure in the knowledge that we’re taking care of you and your family.

How You Can Benefit From Our Condo Security Services

A reliable and dedicated security service brings reassurance, peace of mind and comfort to you and your loved ones. Our customers often feel a sense of relief as soon as our services are in place. Knowing that someone else is taking care of your family means that you can focus on enjoying those precious moments even more.


More Than a Security Service


Employing a professional security service not only gives you peace of mind. There are plenty of benefits that our customers experience, such as:

  • The ability to spend more quality time with friends and family, without worrying about what’s happening at home
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Bespoke security protection that works for you and your family
  • A greater sense of enjoyment from day-to-day activities
  • Ability to concentrate more fully at work

Don’t Delay - Act Now To Protect Your Family

It’s time to take steps to protect your home and family. Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Taking steps now will help you to prevent loss, damage and trauma. Call us today to begin your journey to greater security, peace of mind and a life lived more fully.

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