Uniformed Contract Security


Uniformed Contract Security

Providing a safe environment for employees in the workplace is essential for their well-being and gives you peace of mind that your business is secured.

Our team of highly trained and experienced security professionals are experts at deterring would-be criminals, theft and violence in the workplace or on-premise, and are ready to help with loss prevention and risk reduction measures for your business.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our team of professional uniformed armed or unarmed security guards can protect your company, your assets and your people

Why Investing in Our Uniformed Security Guards Makes Sense

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Having security on hand is a proactive measure to minimize harmful situations at your company’s property and ensures that all employees are safe while doing their jobs, especially if some of your staff work early morning or late nights. Our security firm is trained to meet all of your security needs which includes armed and unarmed guards. We can secure various company environments such as corporate headquarters, airports, schools, hotels, hospitals, and many more sites.


Another great benefit of having our security guards on-site is the convenience of always knowing what is going on at your facility. You’ll no longer have to wonder about suspicious behavior like strangers trespassing or if thieves lurking on your property. Unlike a lone surveillance system, guards give you the advantage of not only knowing if there is suspicious activity happening but the ability to take action quickly and professionally to minimize damage.

Which Type of Security is Right for Your business?

There are two main types of uniformed security guards: armed and unarmed. Knowing which type of environment your facility is in will help you determine which type of on-site security is best for your business.

Uniformed Armed Security Guards

If your facility is in an unpredictable environment like an inner-city, or your business houses highly valued products or confidential information, an armed security team may be necessary for your facility.

Our armed security guards are trained to diffuse altercations or aggressive behavior, monitor for criminals, clear rooms or stairwells, investigate suspicious vehicles, and patrol your company by vehicle.

Uniformed Unarmed Security Guards

If your facility is in a rural or a lower risk area, unarmed security may be right for you and your employees. Our unarmed security team gives your business a professional appearance, deters criminals, and reports incidents in real-time so you can take appropriate action right away. If you’re looking for a softer approach but still want to maintain security around your property, consider our unarmed security team to protect you.

Peace of Mind is Priceless

Having security is priceless, it gives you the assurance that your business is operating as it should be, and that your employees are safe. It deters crime, altercations, suspicious activity, and minimizes loss. Our security team can provide permanent service or temporary. Each of the guards is highly trained to work in various environments and we always maintain a professional demeanor.


All of our guards wear uniform clothing so that they’re easy to identify in case of an emergency. Our security firm strives to provide quality protection tailored to you and take appropriate action in high-risk situations. Contact us today to explore options to secure your business.

Reduce Liability

As a business owner or property manager, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of your employees and patrons. Having security guards on-site can reduce your liability by taking preventative and protective measures to ensure the safety of both people and assets.

Protect What is Important with Uniformed Security

Don’t wait until tragedy strikes. Reach out to us today and learn more about how we can help and why so many businesses trust us to handle their uniformed security needs.

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